Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Sensible Guy

3 Fashion Tips for Choosing Tops Flattering on Broad Shoulders

Staying fashionable and stylish can be a lot of work. Not only do you need to be on top of current fashion trends each year, but you also need to know which trends complement your body shape and features. Most people no longer have the luxury of spending the majority of their time shopping and […]

Tips To Remove 3 Common Stains from Kid’s Clothing With Natural Ingredients

The average American household spends approximately 3.8 percent of their yearly income on clothing for the family. If you have kids, you know how quickly a pristine new outfit can become covered in unsightly stains. Instead of reaching for the chemical-laden spot treatments, try these natural ways to eliminate three common kid stains from clothing. […]

Looking For Shoes That Make A Statement? Try Platforms, They’ve Been Around For Centuries

Back when the words “cool” and “groovy” punctuated every sentence and peace symbols were the jewelry of choice, platform shoes were the envy of shoeless feet. These unusual high heeled shoes that were so prevalent in the 1970s are in fashion once again. If you’re in the market for some eye-catching shoes, platforms, like those […]